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March 16

Not to completely change the subject, but the music video for DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” is one of the most incredible things ever.

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March 15


My favorite breakfast spot has a new location. They took their vibe, their egg dishes and French presses and moved a couple of blocks away.

The spot they replaced, their fancy restaurant, always had a slightly fussy vibe. Like a guy whose tie was a little too tight, it had the spirit of trying to be fancy but a felt little uncomfortable.

The location is a little more out of the way, but it maintains the feeling of the old place: intimately familiar, but it’s also a little more grown up.

Every change grows us in small ways.

It works in the way a stream’s steady rhythm cleaves and polishes rock, smoothing out the rough edges and taking away the impurities.

In the process, when there are the small changes, Le Petit Morte as they say, it may not look like anything. Slowly you step down a path—unaware, perhaps, there is any path at all. (That is the most dangerous, as you are not mindful of your step.) It is easy to continue in that way.

Unlike a rock, you have the agency to change that path; to extend the metaphor, you can angle yourself in the path of the stream to change in the ways that are best for you. And in that maneuvering, you can make the acquaintance of that more refined, polished person you are underneath.

“I am busy—trying to become the person I am.” — Philosopher Lena Dunham

I now step more carefully than I had before, but confident in the direction I am headed. And if you ever wish to meet with me for breakfast, I have a great place in mind.

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March 4

Beyonce emoji


Jesse Hill made a music video for Beyonce’s Drunk in Love entirely out of emoji. Fantastic work.

Fist Eggplant! Poo! Surfbort! Oh man, that was fun.

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February 24
I think America’s more fucked up now than it’s ever been.

Alec Baldwin: Good-bye, Public Life

Worth reading.

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New York Magazine is on fire with this issue (a good friend is in the OK Cupid story). I have been catching up on Here’s The Thing and it’s great (with a few caveats; please ask). He’s a personality whom I’ll miss.

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February 22
A few years ago, a photo made the rounds. It was taken from the back, its subject unaware. He was a fat guy wearing a jeans-jacket, and on the back he had stenciled the name of his heavy metal band. It was a sloppy and amateurish job. The photo earned a lot of mocking comments in my circle, including from me. Ha ha, look at the fat guy with the rock-and-roll pretensions. Look at him. Looooook.

And then someone said, “I think he’s awesome. He’s found something he loves, and he thinks it’s great enough to share with the world. This guy is a hero.”

And… Oh, my God. That’s right. That’s exactly right. Who was I to judge, much less judge publicly? Maybe his music was terrible, but so what? It wasn’t for me. It was for him, and his friends, and his fans. Nobody was seeking my opinion, because it would be ill-informed and emotional, because those are the only opinions I could possibly have.

I was just pumping poison into the atmosphere, to feel good about myself, for another hit of self-righteousness. I was what was wrong, because I vomited out disapproval — could only vomit out disapproval — without intent or willingness to even attempt to understand.
Greg Knauss (via cleversimon)

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February 21
February 10

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December 17

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November 4
September 18

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